Refresh & Renew Your Boat with a Vinyl Wrap Transformation

While wrapping your hull with a marine vinyl wrap seems a new trend for the West Coast it has been very popular in Europe, New Zealand and Australia for quite some time. Similar to vehicle wrapping, marine boat wrapping is the answer to refresh faded gelcoat hulls or tired paint at a fraction of the cost of a new paint job. Any exterior surface can be wrapped including your super structure or cabin.

We work closely with the industry’s best vinyl wrap providers such as 3M and use only the best quality marine vinyl wraps. Choosing from the wide range of colours, textures and finishes is the hardest part of your job.

3M Sample Colour Chart
3M Sample Architectural Finishes 

First your hull must be readied for wrapping. Dents and bumps need to be fixed to ensure a smooth finish. Hardware is removed as required. Your hull will be wrapped to the water line. We apply a special sealant at the waterline edge. We recommend anti-fouling paint over this line. Most surfaces including aluminum can be vinyl wrapped. Wood hulls are not suitable for vinyl wrapping.

Optional Hull Armour Service for extra protection.  We offer an extra layer of protection with a clear polyurethane vinyl film that is installed over your vinyl wrap.  This protection provides scratch and stain resistance.  The self-healing technology makes most scratches disappear.  This added protection can keep your vinyl wrap looking its best.

Our wrapping team will expertly plan your wrap to ensure seams are kept to a minimum and located in the least visible area. Rarely are seams visible to the naked eye once on the water.

Back in the water and ready to go with a new look! A fast and economical way to improve the appearance of your boat without the downtime of a paint job involving yard and shed time.

Your New Look:
Maintenance and Lifespan: